Anthony Pope Law Firm of Newark, NJ

Anthony Pope Law Firm of Newark, NJ

New Jersey and New York Attorneys defending your rights in Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Cases, as well as Matrimonial Law.

The Anthony Pope Law Firm of New Jersey will fight vigorously and skillfully to defend your rights when you are injured due to the negligence to others.

Anthony J. Pope is a renowned trial attorney with more than 30 years of experience.  He has been referred to as “a noted criminal defense and complex civil trial attorney.” His firm has a well-earned, prestigious reputation for providing superior legal counsel to clients in Newark, Jersey City, Morristown and Manhattan as well as their surrounding areas.

When it comes to legal issues within your family, every decision you make will have lasting implications. It is vital to have a skilled, aggressive lawyer to pursue your best interest effectively.  Our firm works closely with you to resolve delicate matrimonial law matters

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